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We teach the proper techniques necessary to actually SKATE FAST, not just "move your feet fast" or general conditioning for hockey players.Those who attend our power skating programs learn how to go FAST by properly executing every hockey-skating maneuver. They become explosively fast, POWERFUL skaters.

The Laura Stamm International Power Skating System is designed to improve the speed and mobility of hockey players of all ages and abilities. Power Skating Programs include 3-5 day skating and stick handling clinics and camps, advanced workshops, skating lessons and workshops for elite players as well as clinics for hockey coaches and officials. The skating skills and skating drills are all hockey specific.

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January 7th - February 27th
January 10th - February 27th
January 27th - March 24th
February 22nd - February 25th
February 22nd - 24th
April 4th - May 25th
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June 3rd - 5th
June 7th - August 18th
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June 27th - June 30th
June 27th - August 18th
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