Available Ice Posted through April 16th
Valley Rinks
Pride Hockey



This program is designed for the town hockey player who is looking to take their skating and skills to the next. 


  • Skating and skill technique
  • Small area games
  • Puck protection/Battle drills
  • Positional training for Speed and Quickness S
  • Stickhandling,
  • Passing
  • Shooting



Recent Events

Weekly Year Round
April 5th - May 26th, 2021
April 6th - May 25th
April 11th - June 13th
April 12th - May 18th
April 19th - April 22nd
June 4th - 6th
June 11th - August 15th
June 8th - August 19th, 2021
June 21st - August 24th
June 21st - August 11th
June 28th - July 1st
June 28th - August 13th
July 19th - July 22nd
July 26th - 29th
August 2nd - 6th
August 9th - 13th
August 23rd - 26th
Aug 26th - Aug 29th