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This program is designed for the town hockey player who is looking to take their skating and skills to the next. 


  • Skating and skill technique
  • Small area games
  • Puck protection/Battle drills
  • Positional training for Speed and Quickness S
  • Stickhandling,
  • Passing
  • Shooting 
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Weekly Year Round
June 3rd - August 13th
June 8th - August 3rd
June 8th - July 6th
June 10th - August 21st
June 22nd - August 20th
June 29th - August 13th
June 29th - August 17th
July 7th - August 17th
July 12th - August 30th
July 24th - July 26th
July 27th - 31st
July 27th - 30th
August 3rd - 7th
August 3rd - 7th
August 10th - 14th
August 10th - 14th