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WHLB Women's League

Women's Hockey League of Boston is a fast growing group with a great mix of women 18 and older. Skaters and goalies have a wide variety of hockey experience from relative newbies to high school and college level play. If you are looking for a fun, but competitive place to play, come join us. 

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Weekly Year Round
January 7th - February 27th
January 10th - February 27th
January 27th - March 24th
February 22nd - February 25th
February 22nd - 24th
April 4th - May 25th
Late April - June 26th
June 3rd - 5th
June 7th - August 18th
June 27th - July 1st
June 27th - June 30th
June 27th - August 18th
July 11th - 15th
August 1st - 5th